One long post...or maybe just lots of pictures...

It's way too late to be doing this on a Thursday. But here goes anyway...

Trinity usually helps us get her undressed, but she figured out that she can do most of it herself. It's really so much fun watching her discover new things to do. At least most of the time. Watching her eat dirt isn't really all that fun.

Better late than never...belly shot of Autumn and our little H2. Our little guy has been neglected by yours truly in the blog sense. Hard to ignore that belly though, she looks GREAT!

Trinity loves her slide. she can go up and down both sides. The amazing thing is that she can do it either head or feet first, whichever she prefers. It is kind of like being ambidextrous. Sort of.

One thing Autumn does not like is her belly button being touched. I think that Trinity is the only person on earth who could get away with this. I know I couldn't because I don't sleep so well on the couch.

This is our modern toddler: have to stop play for a minute to text her friends...

Trinity REALLY likes to touch mom's belly button! She likes it SO much that I put two pictures of it on here just to make a point.

Here is a funny shot of me trying to take pictures of Trinity while she is coming over to get the camera. Not a flattering shot, but it's a funny one! Watch out!

This is another one of Trinity's new things: sitting on us. She usually giggles when she does this. I am just glad it's not me this time!

Here is a fun shot of the three most important people in my life. Gotta love it!


  1. Great pics, Aaron!! I'm the same way about my belly button....and my belly looks just about the same as your wife's *AND* our 2yo is obsessed with trying to touch my belly button!! Funny. Your last pic/comment brought tears to my eyes. Exactly what God intended, I think. Hugs to you & your FAB family!!

  2. Aaron, you have a beautiful family. Your daughter looks soooo much like the Aaron I remember from sooooo long ago! Congrats on H2!
    Liz (used to be Reid)


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