Jubilee Weekend

Well, it's Jubilee time again here in Baker City. That means Drum and Bugle Corps for me most of the weekend. Nevertheless, we try to keep things balanced, which means a busy weekend, to say the least. By the way, I wonder who won the duck races this year. I don't think it was me. In the mean time...

Trinity has a thing for shoes. Even shoes that aren't hers. Here she is with mom's shoes. Did I say she likes shoes?

Jubilee parade, me and my little girl. She sings while she drums. That's more than I can do...

Dad? I dunno where that guy could be.

In addition to shoes, Trinity likes balloons. The MayDay guy was nice enough to give her one.

Here she is giving the balloon a big kiss!

One thing about Jubilee is that it is ALWAYS nice and sunny. That means swimming pool! Here she is in her new suit, sans diaper...fun for all...sort of!


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