Drying out, Dressing up and Chowing down...

Don't mind the prepositions, it's just for effect. This was a pretty big week because we stopped giving Trinity a bottle before bed. She has been using cups for some time now, but we have still been giving her a bottle before bed. Until now...

We commemorated this event with...a picture. This is only one more stop on this journey to document as much as possible...and publish it on the web. Sorry kid.

Sorry again kid. We were going to use this picture as a "dad dressed me today" shot and contrast it with Trinity in her church clothes in a picture labelled "mommy dresses me better than daddy". Mommy often dressed Trinity better than daddy, it's not hard to do. The fact is that we don't need to contrast this photo with anything. This is a BAD outfit. Even I know that. There are actual reasons for why she is dressed this way. But none of them will make you forget that we dressed her this way. And laughed about it. Sorry kid.

Uh, she likes corn. She likes a lot of things. The only trouble is keeping her from biting the end off. It is more logical to eat from the end than the middle, I'll give her that much. Leave it to parents to destroy intuitive eating. All that from an ear of corn. Who knew?

Chow down, there's floss waiting at the end of that tunnel, I guarantee it!


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