Let's bring the mood back up a bit! Happy Independence Day!

So that last post was a little bit down; I was feeling sorry for myself. I think that if I am not careful I can dwell too much on the negative. It's time to get a little attitude adjustment and get this train moving! This last weekend (after the emergency room visit on Friday) turned out pretty darn good. Trinity and I spent the day together all day Saturday while Autumn went to Boise to stock up on a few things. We likely won't have a chance to shop in Boise again before our new addition shows up. I can't believe he could be here in a month! Then on Sunday we had a full day as we all took part in a local 4th of July fun run, took Trinity to her first parade, dug up raspberries, played with kittens, had a bbq and planted rasperries! Whew, did I leave anything out? Here we go!

Before we get too far I have to show this funny picture. And no, we don't wonder why she wakes up crying sometimes.

When we went to Portland a couple of weeks ago, we spent all of our savings at Ikea. Gotta love that place. It takes 20 minutes just to find the bathroom! The nice thing is that their stuff comes with great instructions. The best part is that there are only pictures. That's right guys, NO WORDS! For those of us who still sound out our words and count with our fingers, this is a great feature! So I put together approximately 45 pieces of furniture in under 13 minutes. It was awesome! Actually, my assembly was mediocre at best. But Trinity sure loves her new table and chairs!

After the fun run on Sunday (no pictures because we forgot the camera), we went to the parade so Trinity could get some candy. We don't really let her have much candy, so I guess we went to bake in the sun and collect candy that we would later either give away or throw out...woohoo! But Trinity had a great time, so who's complaining? She loved all the different floats and parade entries. I never would have guessed that a parade in Haines would be that long. Do 50 people even know where that place is?

Gratuitous "cute with dad" shot. 'Nuff said.

After the parade we hustled to the car, which Autumn had strategically parked in a GREAT getaway spot, and took off to get raspberries. A lady from work has extra raspberry plants that were free if "u-haul". She sure keeps a beautiful house and garden! So we went and dug a few plants. While we were there, she mentioned that one of her cats had just had kittens. So Trinity was able to pet her first little kitten. I grew up with kittens around all the time, so this seemed to me like a great opportunity for Trinity. She was really good with the kittens, very gentle. Also very cute!

We had a really nice time with Autumn's brother and his family. Markus just graduated this last June and moved to Ontario to work for the summer before school starts. He was in town for the weekend, so it was good to have all four of them over. It was a very nice relaxing afternoon...followed by this: me digging. Actually I don't mind digging because I get instant gratification. Actually I just dug three more holes this evening. But all you get now is me planting raspberries. Exciting, I know. But hey, that's the Swarrell life!


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