Enough Already! (She's fine, just a little diva moment)

On Thursday afternoon, Trinity and I went on a nice walk to the coffee shop to have a cold drink and support a local organization that works to help kids in Africa. On the way I noticed that Trinity had a watery eye, but didn't think much of it. You can see where this is going. 24 hours later, we are in the emergency room because the optometrist can't fish the debris in her eye out with a q-tip. They have to sedate her so they can use a NEEDLE to get it out. Great. More drama in the ER. If I sound bitter it's because, at the moment, I am. Already my daughter, who is 19 months old, has been to the ER and ridden in a helicopter more than I have. And it is all for health reasons. I am grateful that she is okay. I am grateful that we have an ER that can take care of her. I am tired of having to worry about her more than normal. HOWEVER, she still takes cute pictures:

Mom and Trinity in the ER...more sedation here we come. Can I get some too?

I have seen this too often. Seeing your baby drugged is no fun. But thank God for good doctors with steady hands!

Starting to come out of it...

A couple of weeks ago Trinity went down and visited the Life Flight folks. Does she know that she already rode on one of these? Does it matter? Probably not.

Drugs are wearing off, mom brought pajamas, where's my blanket?

All this to say that we are glad that Trinity is healthy. I am glad that she is my beautiful little daughter. Thank you God for my family. Thank you for letting it be whole for a little while longer.


  1. That girl!!! She just likes us to appreciate her "low maintenence" moments!!!! I had no idea but amy praying for her as always!!!!! Love you guys!!!!! Hang in there!!! kathie


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