Update...About time huh?

Well, once again my blogging has started to lag a bit and once again I have no excuse. There has been so much going on that it seems like the days just fly by. There's always lots to share, but I get a little unmotivated sometimes and I hope you can live with that once in a while. Autumn and I seem to have jumped back into life with a vigor that leaves us as ships passing in the morning and evening. I miss her sometimes. We went on a date Saturday night. I think it was the first time we had dinner and a movie together in a long time. I don't think we'd done it even before our little bundle of joy arrived. So that was SOOO nice. It is nice to do things that remind you of how much you like someone. A good friend of ours who just adores Trinity watched her for us. We came home to find her AND two of her three daughters watching Trinity. She's a VERY lucky baby. We've been blessed by our community so much over the last couple of months.

As for Trinity's recovery, she continues to improve. Most days though it is really hard to see it. It is there though, particularly if you look back to where she was the previous week or so. She is definitely seeing more and more, although it is still definitely not there all the time and not as good as it once was. We are so thankful for her recovery. If this is as much sight as she ever gets back, I will be forever thankful. Her personality is also blossoming along with her sight. She is getting more and more happy. The other day she sat in the middle of the floor for about five minutes, just sitting, bouncing and shouting for joy! That's something to be thankful for!

We have appointments coming up. I was asked who we had her seeing as far as doctors go. I would ask who she isn't seeing. She is still following up with the neurologist and ophthalmologist in Boise, she has seen optometrists here in Baker along with local family practice doctors, she is going to Portland to OHSU and the Casey Eye Institute. On top of that, she is seeing some folks through the Early Intervention program and she may go to Pacific University's Portland Vision Center. How's that for a crowd?

On the social side of things, we've been busier than a bee in the summer. Trinity has been pretty smiley, which also allows us to see that she has a new tooth! She has been sporting three teeth, two on the bottom and one on the top. But recently we had been seeing that a second top tooth was trying to break through. Last week it finally broke through! Now we definitely don't let her chew on our fingers!

How's this for a toothy grin...to bad it's not a close-up!

That's MUCH better!

This one's for Aunt Amy, playing with her tongue! Trinity that is, not Amy. Although Amy did teach Trinity to stick her tongue out!

We went to the homecoming game last Friday to watch my nephew Mark. Trinity was sporting her new Baker Bulldog fleece, uh...er, suit? It's like a sleeper, but bigger and heavier. It's sweet, Trinity was super warm and cozy! Thanks Kathy!

In case you were wondering how Trinity is doing...here she is doing great! Now that she can see a little better, she's all over the place!

This random cuteness is brought to you by my uncle Brian, who bought the outfit for Trinity. Cute huh?


  1. It was so good to see you guys this weekend. I had so much fun playing with Trinity on Saturday night!!! She is quite the wrestler, she had Kayley's large Carebear pinned....

  2. Trinity - I'm so glad your parents have a blog! I get to keep tabs on you and watch your progress!! FYI - You've almost outgrown that shirt. If you need a new one, Aunt Beth can send you one that says "I can always live with my Aunt Beth".

  3. Hey Guys ~ Just read your update and wanted to encourage you with a couple of things. First of all, you will love OHSU's neurologists. They put Boise's to shame, really. And the eye institute is awesome too. There's a 'Day's Inn' just down the hill and really it's the only close hotel to OHSU and its within walking distance of Pioneer Square too. If you're at OHSU for the day and want more than cafeteria food...go across the skywalk (way cool)to the VA hospital and downstairs to the "Canteen". They have 4-5 restaurants to choose from. It took me awhile to learn that:)
    And lastly, I met the Dean of Optometry at Pacific when we were touring colleges for Krista. She was the speaker that day and is so very passionate about what she does. It's almost infectious...I think you will have a great experience at both places. I will pray for just that:)
    ~Lisa Chong


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