Here is my little pumpkin:

The last few days have been mostly uneventful. Trinity received her flu shot finally. I know there are quite a few differing opinions on vaccinations for babies, but with Autumn and me in the healthcare industry, it's the responsible thing to do. By the way, the vaccination you receive from the injected version is dead. You can't get the flu from it. Okay, 'nuff about that.

Trinity is doing great! She continues to develop and her eyesight seems to be mostly back. It's hard to tell, since she is a baby and can't tell us what she sees, but it is back enough to see things near and far, and enough to see us from across the room and know it is us. That's pretty good! She is still lagging a little bit in some cognitive areas; she was babbling before but hasn't really started again, and some of the games she used to play haven't returned. Please pray for that, since that is still a concern.

We went to Boise yesterday so that Autumn could get an enhancement at the Lasik clinic there and so that we could follow up at the neurologist. I was able to watch Autumn's eyeball get cut open and melted by a laser. I wish I had a video of it to show you. Wait, this is the digital age. Here is a video of the surgery, although this is NOT from Autumn's eye. This is just a video I found on Youtube:

We did that and then went to the neurologist for a follow up. Not a ton to report there, we mostly just told them that she is doing much better. They examined her and told us that she is doing much better. Okay.

While Autumn was getting her eyes done, we left Trinity with my Dad and Sue for a few hours. I was remiss and did not get any photos, but I was really glad that they were able to get some good grandparent time in with Trinity! And speaking of photos, here are a few of the latest:

Mom and Trinity (sort of) reading!

Trinity's hair is starting to (sort of) come it. It is long in some places and almost nonexistent in others. The blessing is that we do not have to comb her hair much yet. That's good for dad. I don't even comb my own.

With Halloween fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to carve some pumpkins. I know Halloween is also a touchy subject for some, but I have never really worried too much about whether it is a harvest party or Halloween party. If you have candy, dress up, and have fun with your friends, does it matter what you call it? Either way, I like carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin seeds. Here are the guts of my monster pumpkin! Gooey fun!


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