Update from the road

I am typing this as we drive to Boise to catch a flight to Arizona for the week, so please excuse me if my handwriting is a little messy. It’s hard typing and steering at the same time, but I think I am managing pretty well. That’s what cruise control is for, right? In all seriousness, this ride is the culmination of a lot of things that have been happening in our lives for the last few years. Let me explain.

One of the things that Autumn and I have talked about is that when we got around to having children, we would be proactive about taking care of our relationship and not get lost in our role as parents. This trip is a way of doing that. I am very excited to spend almost a week with just Autumn. I’ll miss Trinity this week, but Autumn is the person I chose to marry. She is the woman I love and I am excited to spend time with her like we used to do before Trinity was born.

It seems like a different lifetime, even though it was only two months ago

Another reason that this drive is significant is because of how far Trinity has come since she went into the hospital two months ago. Before “the incident” I would not have had much of a problem leaving Trinity with her grandparents for a week, but after she came home from the hospital I felt much more hesitant to entertain the idea of leaving Trinity for an extended period of time. The irony is that I couldn’t really prevent anything since we don’t even know what happened. Nonetheless, I still feel better when I am around her.

Since I started typing this post we have arrived in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was a good flight and I was even able to finish reading a novel that I started months ago. We checked into the hotel and took a walk. We had dinner and have now retired to the room to watch a little television and enjoy a good night’s sleep. We had a nice talk this evening about more aspects of this whole journey that we’re on and we both feel very similar about the whole thing.

We both are so grateful for the time that we have been given with Trinity. That was true before she went to the hospital and it remains just as true now. We are both so grateful that she has recovered so well after such a great trauma. We are both so hopeful that she will make a great recovery and have an amazing and full life. Most of all we are confident that, no matter what happens, God has great plans, plans to prosper her and not to harm her (Jeremiah 29:11).

And...random cuteness for the day:

Two months and she's made amazing strides!


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