Sunday Night...

I seem to have a mild case of writer's block this evening. I usually have a direction that I want to go, but nothing's really coming to me. I suppose that I should do bit of an update on Trinity and go from there. The pictures will likely inspire more words as I go along.

Trinity is doing really well. Her vision seems to be improving, but that's not an official diagnosis or anything. It just seems like she's seeing things more and going for things more. Also, her mood has increased greatly along with the improvement in eye sight. That's a GREAT thing! It's not that she's been in bad moods or anything, but she is closer now to the Trinity that we remember than any time since the incident.

We have more appointments on the way; more follow-ups in a couple of weeks, an evaluation for rehab therapy tomorrow and another physical therapy appointment on Thursday. In November we have an appointment at the Kasey Eye Clinic in Portland. Lots of appointments! Now, on to the pictures!

Yeah, that's pink camouflage. It helps her blend in with all the pink-wearing girly-girls. No one even notices she's there. Very incognito.

Well, about the pink comment above. Er, uh, well...

Actually, this is a great picture to show you how she's doing. She's on the move and feeling good!

She saw me from across the room and crawled over to tell me she can't see!

So this was kind of cute. I didn't capture the moment very well because it is hard to tell that she is standing. She was supposed to be taking a nap, when Autumn came in to check on her and found her standing up in bed, playing with the mobile. Needless to say, the mobile has been retired. Seeing her try and swing from it gave us cause to confiscate it. So there, random cuteness for the day!


  1. blessings on you guys! called sue to ask her about Trinity and what was happening (missed her), and finally took the time to search out your blog!
    felt led by the Lord this morning to pray fervently and specifically for trinity's healing--visually and brain wise! the word's in my quiet time were about the Lord healing the blind, etc. may His will be done!
    again, blessings and strength and peace--
    Joanne Huddleson (Sue's freshman roommate)


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