She's Getting Married!

So my cousin go married last week in Portland. Sooooo, we packed up the car and the baby and headed off down the road. The cool thing was that it was a bit of a family reunion since most everyone was going to be there. In fact, I think everyone was. Here she is with her dad giving her away:

Here comes the bride, and isn't she lovely!

Here was the ceremony, which was held at the World Trade Center in downtown Portland.

I do believe that this was Trinity's first wedding. Hence the excitement.

Here's the father of the bride. Not Steve Martin, my uncle Brian.

Uncle Bill and Aunt Jackie lovin' on Trin at the reception. It was a pretty cool place for a reception, it was a room with all these poles coming down through the whole place. Lots of windows, very hip.

Trinity loves her Oma!

The bride and groom. "nuff said.

Me and my cousin Rich. He is better known as the grabber. Ask me how he got that name. I dare you.

My sis and the bride lookin' good!

Trinity has her Oma and I have mine. Love you Oma!

Everyone gets all choked up at the first dance. Not me. I laugh and throw popcorn. Just kidding. I can't believe that my little cousin is getting married. Okay, she's like 25 now. So what? I was her first roommate away from home. She's like a little sister. You go girl!


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