6.5 Months and other musings

We took Trinity in yesterday for her 6 month appointment with the doctor. Everything checked out okay and she had her third set of shots too. Poor girl had just fell asleep when we arrived at the doctor's office. Then she was poked, prodded and poked. But she's a great little trooper and, as usual, charmed everyone in sight. Her official stats:

Weight: 16lbs 4oz (50th percentile, up from 40th percentile so I guess she's eating okay)
Length: 24.5 inches (25th percentile, up from 10th)
Head Diameter: Unknown, although she fell from 75th to 60th percentile according to the doctor. I forgot to ask the number.

How does this all happen? I will let you in on a great secret: Autumn and Trinity are a great breastfeeding team. Autumn is very dedicated to it and I appreciate it very much. I think that breast milk is the best thing you can give your child. Sometimes you can't, which I understand. But there is a bonding issue that is awesome to watch.

So we are also saving excess breast milk. In case you were wondering, Autumn is a superstar. Maybe this is more information that you want, but here is a picture of what we freeze every few days. This is AFTER Trinity has been fed:
And for those of you holding your breath for a random picture of cuteness, here you go:

Here she is on her first foot ferry ride
We went for pizza. I took this picture in the window of a convenience store.


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