Glioblastoma Multiformae

It is also known as Stage IV brain cancer. My friend Tim just had a tumor removed. Glioblastoma multiformae (GBM) was the diagnosis. There are some experimental treatments. Tim's wife Jana wrote this on Tim's Facebook page:
This type of tumor is VERY aggressive and is an infiltrating tumor, meaning that it is interwoven throughout the healthy tissue in the brain. Without treatment, the doctors feel that Tim has a few months to live. With the standard care for this type of tumor, 25% of patients are alive 6 months after diagnosis. There are two new clinical trials - experimental drugs - that Tim is eligible to participate in. Each one has its drawbacks - financial considerations, time commitments, side effects and general quality of life issues.

I don't relate to this very well. I only met Tim a short while ago, but he made a huge impression on me and will always hold a special place in my heart. He is a really special person, the kind you don't meet more than a few times in you entire life. As an example, right before Autumn and I went to San Diego, Tim had arranged for us to go the Padres game (fantastic seats, by the way). I had not heard from Tim in a few days when I heard through a mutual friend that he had gone into surgery because the MRI had shown that a tumor had regrown in the last couple of months. The really crazy part is that, even though he was dealing with very life-threatening issues, he still arranged for us to get the baseball tickets. CRAZY!

Here is a little more on Tim's battle with brain cancer:
This is Tim's third brain surgery.

He was initially diagnosed with a brain tumor in May 2005.
Craniotomy (brain surgery) at Cedars-Sinai on May 26, 2005 removed the tumor,
which was determined to be a astrocytoma, grade 2.

He had a recurrent tumor removed on August 9, 2006.
This was diagnosed as an anaplastic astrocytoma.
Tim completed an 'alternative' cancer treatment protocol in November 2006.
This was followed by radiation
and chemotherapy treatment using Temodar (thirteen 28 day cycles).
He had been off these therapies for about 1.5 years.

Throughout this period (2005 - 2009) Tim has experienced
'breakthrough' temporal lobe seizures, auras, and at least one presumptive grand mal seizure.

Tim has had complete 'executive health' physicals on
February 21, 2007 and April 13, 2009.

This is a long time to battle cancer. He is an incredible guy. I saw a couple of pictures that his brother posted on Facebook. They encouraged me and broke my heart at the same time. He is looking good, but I can see the effects of the surgery and it makes me want to cry a little. Please pray for Tim, his wife Jana and their three yong children. I think his wife can express this better than I can:

We are still trying to process what this all will mean for our family and what the best course of action will be. One thing is certain...we are determined to live each day with happiness and love. We feel so blessed by all of the prayers, the gifts, meals, childcare, positive intentions and care that have been given to us. It is beyond description and we are humbled to receive them. Thank you!

Tim has expressed that he is grateful for all of the inquiries about how things are going and that he would also love to hear YOUR stories. What's going on in your life? How can we pray for you and the challenges you are facing? What is bringing you joy? These are the things that make us feel alive and a part of a greater community.

I will send out another message once Tim has decided how to proceed. Bottom line...we need a miracle, so please keep praying!


Please. Pray for a miracle.


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