Father's Day

I start this post with the above photo because there is a simple reason why I can celebrate father's day as a father for the first time. I am a father now, which can be a little daunting to think about, and I have a beautiful daughter to prove it. My wife and my daughter are the main reasons that I can celebrate. So it is not just my day, but OUR day. I am a lucky man.

Here are two good reasons to celebrate father's day: my daughter and my dad!

Father's day was right after my cousin's wedding, so we all had a father's day breakfast at the Marriott in downtown Portland. It was a GREAT buffet, with omelets, salmon and cheese blintzes. Yum!

We had an impromptu photo shoot while Trinity was in her Diaper. Like most babies, she loves being naked!

After we came home, I was surprised by Autumn with a new wheelbarrow for father's day! It sounds goofy, but I have wanted one really bad for a while now. Thanks snookums!

So, here we have more random cuteness: she looks like she is singing her little heart out!

I don't know where she got it, but she is one happy baby!


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