San Diego


It was San Diego. That's where we went for a week or so. Autumn had a conference and so Trinity and I went along for the ride. It was a great time, with many, many firsts for Trinity. The pictures below are just a snapshot of a great family trip!

A friend of mine got us GREAT seats at a Padres game at Petco Park. They were playing the Cubs. I don't know who won because we left during the seventh inning stretch. It was already way late for Trinity to be up and the lights and crowd were not helping her wind down. Still, it was a great night; baseball games have a certain romance to them that most other sporting events don't. I wonder if it's because of the pace of the game. There is space in between where conversations can happen. So there is magic on and off the field. Beautiful. Just like my daughter. An added bonus is that I was able to tell Trinity about the basic rules of baseball. You can never start too early.

One of the places we went was the museum that is the USS Midway. The whole aircraft carrier is a musem. It was very cool, lots of information and a great self-guided tour. It was Memorial Day, so there was a wreath ceremony in the morning that anyone could attend for free. I went to the ceremony so that I could stay on the museum until Autumn and Trinity arrived. The ceremony was very nice and it also saved us $15. Yeah, we're cheap.

The ship itself was amazing and it was really cool how many volunteers were there that had served on the ship at some time or another. We met a man who was in charge of the galley for two years in the 70's. It was great to hear about the mechanics of feeding 4500 men four times a day. Now THAT is logistics! Then, as you can see in the picture above, we had some feeding logistics of our own to handle. Who would have thought that Trinity would be breastfeeding behind an F-14 Tomcat? On the deck of a carrier no less!

One dy we took a foot ferry over to Coronado Island. We hopped the bus to see the famous Hotel Del Coronado, although we never actually went inside. It was a nice building, but the beautiful beach and the ocean were the real attractions. It was Trinity's first time on the beach, but she actually missed it because she was sleeping. That happens quite a bit with her. I hear that she'll grow out of it.

After we returned to the mainland, we ended up with an early dinner at a seafood place on the water. It was happy hour, so the food was cheap! I always recommend getting seafood when you are on the coast. It's always better that way. We had some fabulous shrimp, a great trout quesedilla and SUSHI! Here's Trinity's reaction to raw fish. She'll get over it eventually. Or maybe not.

Here is your random picture of cuteness for the post. Trinity is getting so good at sitting up. She'll do it on her own, but we like to keep a hand on her in the tub for safety. This is another picture that may haunt her for years to come. I guess that's my job as a parent, embarrassing my child. I always heard about it, but I never knew it would be so much fun!

And yes, we went to the zoo. It was a great visit! It was definitely for Autumn and I, since Trinity won't remember a thing.

Yes, gorillas pee sitting up. Who knew!

This one is for Autumn and other camel lovers out there. I'm just glad he didn't spit on us!

Polar bears like carrots. Once again, who knew?

Here we are on the overhead gondola that went all the way across the park. Lots and lots of firsts for our baby girl!

And yes, she does get tired of us taking her pictures. "No pictures, no comment. Talk to the hand, Dad!"

Above all else, I was pleased with what a great traveller our girl is. Just like me, she can even sleep in airports. Here she is crashed on the floor in SFO. We were delayed for over two hours. What else are you going to do?

Almost home! After a long day of travel, we arrived in Boise. We stayed over at my Dad's house where Trinity was finally able to get comfortable. Who need clothes when you're this cute?


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