Some Thoughts

I am excited about this week, mainly because we are probably going to find out what the gender of our child is going to be. I also get to go to Autumn's Dr appointment, which is a first for me. What a week!

It turns out that we are either 18 or 19 weeks along, which means that Autumn has a baby about the size of a bell pepper or heirloom tomato in her. The cool pictures above are from

Also, our house is coming along, we are in the midst of choosing some tile can flooring options...pretty cool stuff! It looks like the financing will go through okay this time, which is a relief. They are numbers that we can live with (good thing huh?). I took a picture of our garage door, which has windows like we wanted. The funny thing was that Autumn had to point out the cool light fixtures beside the garage. I had to point out the garage door to her because she was so excited about the lights. Funny how we noticed the opposite things...

The last picture above is just a reminder that I live in a beautiful place, lovin' Baker City today.


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