A Pregnancy Surprise

There have been a few surpises with this pregnancy so far but I must say one of the greatest has been prego pants! Uh, I mean maternity attire. A few weeks ago Aaron and I traveled to Portland with the primary goal of finding me some clothes that fit. At that point, I had three pairs of work pants that I could still squeeze in but it was becoming increasingly clear that they were not going to last much longer. Due to my short stature and my distaste for pants that rise above my belly button, I have a hard enough time finding pants that fit when I'm not pregnant so I was dreading the process of trying to find pants that fit my ever increasing belly. At the first store I was surprised when I found a couple of pairs of pants that fit and by the end of the day I was actually buying pants I liked, not just pants that fit! I wore my first pair of prego pants to work this week and I'm loving it. It's like wearing sweats that look nice! You don't have to worry about leaving your zipper down and after a big lunch, they still feel good! I may never go back!


  1. Ha ha, aren't preggo pants the best?! I got some capri's from Old Navy that are SO comfortable.


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