Crazy Oregon Weather

It is going to be 80 degrees today. It snowed earlier this week. What gives? Eastern Oregon, I guess. The biker rally is this weekend, so I am going to play with the drum corp here in town. We'll probably put in an appearance at the beer garden and on main street, where all the bikes are. It should be a good time.

We are going to Nampa, Idaho to pick up our flooring. We saved a ton on the stuff from Costco, but we need to go pick it up. The $70.00 is diesel will be offset by the $1500 savings in building materials. Also, we decided to stick with the natural hickory cabinets instead of having them refinished with a dark stain. It turns out that hickory does not take stain very well. We both wanted darker cabinets, but even refinishing won't get us what we want. Either way it will be nice.

My dad had a relapse in Africa, he tested positive for both Malaria and Typhoid. He has had both before. This time was a little scary for me, I think maybe because he needs to see his first grandchild in November. Ever since we found out Autumn is pregnant, I have become More nervous about things. I just need to relax and lay my troubles before God. It sounds strange to say that, since I do not usually talk Christianese, but it is true. I can't carry it all by myself.

'nough for now...


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