What we do

So, I tried to add a picture to this post. Okay, I tried and did add another picture to this post. But somehow I posted the post before it was supposed to post. Get it? Me neither. But I do get busy. And so do we all. Busy with what? Never thought you'd ask...
We are currently feeding our friends' goats and chickens while they are on vacation. Dream job for kids! Okay, for me too. One perk for the kids is that, with it being really, really cold, I drive them from the goat feeding station to the chicken feeding station. I know, spoiled. But have you ever tried to keep a 2 year old's hand warm when it's 0 degrees? Not an easy task. The car works good, especially when they get to ride in the front seat with no seat belt. Relax, it's 50 feet on a driveway. Sheesh.
Another thing we do is sing. Here is the Harrell duet of "Jesus Loves Me"
Waiting for the music to start. Usually we roll in about the time the music starts. I was so proud of myself for getting the kids here early. Turns out that they get bored waiting so they start running around the sanctuary like little maniacs. Maybe later is better?
We bowl. It's especially good with 9 kids and 4 dads. Now THAT is a story worth hearing. But you won't hear it here.
We cook. Teagan is on a roll these days with Trinity's kitchen. Oh, he also uses real pans. He loves to cook us all kinds of "dewishous" food. Cute kid.
We build stuff. My friend Kal invited me over for birthday dinner they other day. Sweet guy actually cooked up some mean pork chops. Then he tells me we have a project. Yeah, a project without instructions. He suckered me in good because he knows I like to build stuff. I'm no finish carpenter but I like to put stuff together. Fortunately I got out before he put the batteries in. It didn't end up being too bad, except the two geniuses who put it together didn't start until all 4 of our kids were really ready for bed. You would think that we would know better.
Remember about the goats and chickens? Let's just say my kids are very familiar with how useful pockets are. Brrr!
We read. Historically, the parents read to the kids. But that's changing now as Trinity gets older. Actually, Teagan likes to read too. Times they are a changin'
We bounce. Even one year old Emerson gets in on the bouncing action. Don't worry, we didn't let her cry for too long...
At the end of the night, when we are way past bedtime, when we should be counting sheep, we can occasionally be found at the neighbor's house, eating cake and ice cream. And THAT is how we roll. Especially when mom is out of town. Ha!
And speaking of mom, she and I (we again) went skiiing today, just the two of us. Super nice day with the person I like being around the most. It's a nice reminder of how much I really appreciate my wife. Yes, going for some bonus points here! But really, it reminds me that I have a close friend and ally (and much, much more) walking through life with me. I am better for it for sure. I love you Autumn!




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