I am sitting here eating some really good milk chocolate. I am surely more of a dark chocolate fan, but this is really good. What makes it so good? I am glad you asked! There are several reasons, which I will go into presently.
The first reason is that I like good chocolate, which is the obvious part. The second reason is that I didn't have to buy it. Bonus! The third reason is that it is really good because a good friend gave it to me as a gift. The fourth, and likely most significant, is that it was a going away gift.

Going away? Going away from what? I am glad you asked!
For the past four years I have been employed at Eastern Oregon Medical Associates. Okay, that's what it was called until about two years ago. Now it is St.Luke's Eastern Oregon Medical Associates. But that employment came to an end about two weeks ago when I gave my notice. I gave my notice because I have taken a position with the local branch of the YMCA. No, I don't know the lyrics to that song. I do know that the Village People sang it.
So this Monday I start a new job career. I will the new Membership and Health and Wellness Director at the Baker County YMCA. Wish me luck!
My awesome colleagues had a nice going away party, I have been so fortunate to work with this group! I certainly wouldn't be who I am today and I wouldn't be ready for the next challenge without them!
The day after the party, my official last day, I walk into my office to find a little love strewn all over the office. Office mate was not amused.
The office vandals left a signature, and a souvenir! Thanks trouble #1 and trouble #2!
I also received a wonderful cake on my last day. Buzz Lightyear: to infinity and beyond! Teagan loved it.
Then we did this to it. Nothing says appreciation like a two year old with a big spatula! See you at the Y!



  1. May God bless you and give you much joy and contentment in your new job!! I know you will be great! They are lucky to have you as their new employee!


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