...And Friends!

This blog is called The Swarrell Life. But it's really about us and you. Hence the title, "...And Friends".

This time of year is always a little crazy and this year is no different. There have been all manner of crazy happenings! I guess it's a product of the season, that we see so many people we care about. I mean, that's what this season seems to be about. At the very least, we start thinking more about other people as November comes around. There are lots of stories behind these pictures, many of which I won't get to. But each picture reminds me of the richness of our life.

Friends. Best friends? Yup. Ava was gone over the holidays for about two weeks. During this period, when I would pray with her before bed, she would rarely forget to pray that Ava would come home soon.

Grand friends. Jen has been great about taking her kids and ours to one of the local adult foster homes. They bring cookies or some such goody and the kids get to pass out treats and share a few minutes with folks who otherwise wouldn't have the brightness of children in their lives. Go Jen!

Family friends. Kate is here with Teagan, but it's not just Kate. Kathie, Greg, Kayley and Kim all pour their lives into our lives and we love them so much for it. This picture is pretty timely because Teagan can be a little, um, shy. Really he's just being stubborn about going to people. But in the last two weeks he has decided that Kate is okay and now gives her hugs and sits on her lap without protest. I know Kate has been waiting for this moment for a while!

Caffeine friend. Definitely! Okay, it's really just hot chocolate. But you get my point!

Lil' Emerson is fast changing from baby to toddler. It's a good thing too, since she is constantly on the receiving end of my kids' idea of attention. Poor girl can't catch turn around without being hugged, fed, kissed, carried or pulled in two directions at once. If she can survive Trinity and Teagan, she can survive ANYTHING!

Canadian friends. I won a trip to Belgium through Stella Artois. So did Ed (on the far left). So Autumn and I spent 6 lovely days in Belgium with Ed and Mark. They traveled over from the Toronto area and were a ton of fun to hang out with.

Um, imaginary friends?

We went to McCall this year for Christmas and Jensen ended up being a great new friend for Trinity! So sweet and generous!

Sledding friend! Jace and Trinity were inseparable during our sledding adventure up at the golf course!

Zach put the whole sledding party together. How did he get snow in his eye? Wait for the net post to find out!

Tamarack rescued Teagan time and again from the terrible snow. The kid can be a stick in the mud right now. But he did get in a couple of runs, mainly because dad insisted!

And last but not least, Terebinth was our cheerful friend who always smiled, no matter how much snow she ate!


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