Smiles all around!

Okay, so this was going to be a nice little post that was all about smiles. But sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, so the theme changed from "smiles" to "part of our Christmas in McCall". It's not as concise and it's not as grand an idea, but we do have some smiles. And snow. If you must know, if I was going to do a post about smiles, it would have taken me at least 3 weeks to comb through all the pictures from this last year or so to find a whole bunch of ridiculously adorable pictures of me the family smiling. In and of itself this is a big problem because we smile often. I just don't have that kind of time. The other problem is that I usually post all the good pictures here, so you would likely have seen them before. So McCall it is.

With an opening picture like this, how could you not want to post about smiles. I mean, seriously! This was before Trinity's first school Christmas program. She grabbed Teagan and said, "picture daddy, picture!" Okay, I guess that really had nothing to do with McCall. I am not doing really well with the theme. I'll get there though, I promise.

We cross country skied, which made Autumn smile.

It made me smile.

I'm not sure why I wasn't smiling on the zip line.

It's really hard to tell, but I am pretty sure that Autumn is smiling. Or screaming. Okay, my lousy photography makes it sort of hard to tell.

We also did a little sledding. Good stuff!

Teagan is wondering why on earth we would want to go sledding. Not his cup of tea...yet.

Then it was a little hike back to the lodge for hot chocolate! That'll warm us up, right?

Evidently hot chocolate isn't nearly as fun as a bowl full of snow. With grapes. So there you go.

So, in recap: This post was about smiles Christmas trip to McCall whatever I felt like at the time. So there.


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