Lots of fun in the snow lately, because that's what's been available. If I was a lot closer to the equator, I would be having more fun in the sand. So it goes! Along with the snow, there has been much action. These are no X Games, but they're pretty fun!

In McCall there was a zip line. Still is actually. I don't know why I used the past tense. Next time I do that, slap me! But Trinity was brave enough to try it out. I ran beside her for safety, which was a really good thing since running in deep snow is hard. Whew!

This action was just cute, not really that exciting. But if you're four, even falling down in the snow is fun!

Jensen has an aversion to speed, so this is about as much action as she wanted. But she was always out there with us!

Strangely enough, this was the most action Teagan wanted. I hope that's the case when he's 12.

We went sledding with a couple other families on New Year's Day, which I talked about in the last post. These are some of the action shots. Jace and Trinity (above) were constant partners. They were well suited because a) they both always had a smile,and b) they both have monkey hats on! When I asked Jace if he wanted to go again, he said, "and again, and again, and again, and again, and again!" I guess he was having fun!

Terebinth and her daddy taking the first parent/child run of the day!

Teagan and I followed up. Teagan was a little hesitant, but he tolerated two run before he decided that he'd had enough. We'll wear him down before too long!

Jen and Jace!

Their expressions were pretty consistent the whole time.

Sometimes the runs didn't worke quite so well...

Okay, they did vary their expressions a little...

Not sure what the stick was for, but it didn't keep Zach's hat on...

...or snow out of his eyes!

In this first picture with Jesse and Jen, it's hard to tell there are two people on the sled. Okay, the three arms should give it away. But the next two shots are too fun!

Tamarack showing off her expert technique...

Jesse is airborne...

His technique is impressive...

...and it isn't hard to tell if he was having fun!

Jace and Terebinth...more cute smiles and squeals!

Teagan just isn't sure about all of this...

...Except he knows that mommy makes it all okay!


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