The Second Coming of Santa...

Things are hopping around here with Christmas coming so soon and the new year hot on its heels. With our families being in three different states, it makes for some busy weeks as we make the annual party rounds and visit with friends and family. I have had a little bit of a hard time sliding into the Christmas spirit this year, but it's hard to stay down when you have kids as cute as mine!

Teagan in his new-to-him jumper thingee. We had an old one from Trinity, but this new and improved model from Super Olivia is much better! Thanks Olivia!Our boy's a little on the short side though, but we solved the height issue with a couple of books.

Puzzled? Ponderous? Maybe just a staring contest.

Hey, look at all this STUFF!

A look of surprise? Too much Tabasco?

This is the second Santa siting for Ava and Trinity, so I am not sure why this went down the way it did. Poor Chris, I mean Santa. He made a GREAT Santa. Right after Chris ho-ho-hoed his way in the door, Trinity jumps in my arms. Santa gives her a candy cane. She gives him the sign for "Thank you" and then says "Bye-bye!" So much for a warm welcome! This picture kind of says it all...

The group shot didn't go much better. Teagan was okay with it, but he's okay with everything.

We ended up reaching a compromise of sorts...Merry Christmas!


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