Random, but not really. More like various.

Okay, so the last post was a little long, so we'll keep this one short...yeah right! Well, we will use less words, but lots of pictures!

I think that this is Teagan's first outing in his down zoot suit..cozy!

I guess she doesn't mind the hat...

There are certain rituals and rites of passage that we all go through as we get older. Here we have Autumn passing on the knowledge of the joys of bubble wrap!

Ain't he cute?

Look mama, I'm holding Teagan!

How ya doin' Teagan?

I think that I'll give Teagan a kiss. It seems to make the adults ohh and ahh...

Now, it's just me and Teagan, hanging out on the chair.

Uh, I think he might be falling!

Trinity's great-grandma (my Oma) sent Trinity an advent calendar, which Trinity refers to as "Santa". One of her favorite things is to open the little door and get the chocolate!

Got it!

Chocolate is ALWAYS good motivation!


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