It's Christmas time, in the city...ring-a-ling...

First of all, I want to clear a few things out of my head. My parents split up when I was in 5th grade, so Christmas for the last 26 years has largely consisted of going lots of places for Christmas. Some time into my adulthood (some would debate whether I have actually achieved that...) I decided that, for major holidays, I would accept the first invitation I received. That was the rule. It made life simple for me, none of that messy relational mess of trying to make everything fair for everyone. Since getting married to Autumn in 2005, things naturally complicated themselves, first by adding in another set of family (or two) to visit, and second, by reintroducing fairness.

You see, I moved about 400 miles to get married and start my new life with Autumn. That meant whatever time I spent visiting family was reduced greatly. Again: fairness. But life goes on and I have stumbled through the last few years with some success, but it is always a challenge to know what the right thing to do is when the big holidays come around. You know which ones those are!

The next transition came when Trinity arrived on November 22, 2008. If marriage changed things a little, then children (or child) changed things a lot! I started to think about things a little differently and it became less about fairness for all and more about what I thought was right for my family. I have probably stepped on a few toes in the process, but I now claim my right as a husband and father to care for my family during this most precious of seasons. Okay, that sounded way to serious and dramatic, but in there is the truth about what I feel my role is. Take it or leave it, it's up to you! Now...back to the fun!

And to make things a little more fun and amusing in this update, I have brought, surprise surprise, a few pictures! This year we went to my dad's for Christmas. My sister flew in from Seattle, which was also really cool. I can't remember the last time I spent Christmas day with her. For those keeping score, I don't know that I have ever awoken at my dad's for Christmas morning in about 25 years. It was pretty cool for everyone involved. I do need to stress that I have no regrets about any Christmases previous; this one was just special for many reasons. Keep scrolling and you'll see why...

New hat, great stocking stuffer! This was actually Christmas Eve, but he doesn't know!

Handmade sweater or not, them's some BLUE eyes!

Teagan and Opa: the stare-down begins! Teagan is actually smiling really big, I just couldn't get the right angle!

We rolled into Boise about noon on Christmas Eve, while my sister and brother-in-law flew in and arrived at the house about 9pm. We had a nice chat and some hot buttered rum and then headed off to bed. We got up the next morning and took Trinity in to check out the tree! It's her first Christmas where she's pretty aware of what's going on. It was Teagan's first Christmas, so he hasn't a clue!

The idea was to have Trinity be Santa and hand out presents. It worked for a little bit, but...

... the hat won't last when there's stockings to open!

Look! Santa brought me M&M's...SEE!!!

She may not be Santa, but she's a good little Santa's helper! Here she is helping Coleen open her present.

Trinity received some really cool slippers, which she absolutely loved! This girl's got a thing for shoes!

The wardrobe grew. I know that these things were not meant to go together, but I need these pictures to torture her with when she gets older.

Somewhere in all the bustle, we lost Teagan...oh, there he is!

Teagan woke up in time to get a couple of gifts opened, with a little help of course! Here's his new pumpkin hat! Sort of cute. Maybe a little...

More shoes for Trinity, this time it's high tops! And not a lot else!

Now THERE'S a look! Toddler couture at it's best!

So we wanted a picture with the kids in their matching pajamas. Teagan is smiling because he doesn't know what his sister is about to do...

This is the picture of the kids in their matching pajamas when mom realizes that Trinity is trying to shove Teagan off of her lap and onto the floor. Yikes!

Here's Trinity with Frank. She really enjoyed running around the house yelling at him. He would take off and then she would find him again and yell some more. I thought it was only mean kids who did that. Maybe it's just a kid thing. Notice how Trinity is pointing to my eye.

Now she's  pointing to my mouth. Not sure what the anatomy lesson was about, but she's learning parts of the face!

All in all it was a great Christmas. We had good food and good times with family. I look forward to more Christmases with our kids as they grow up. They have so much family that loves them and I can't wait to have Trinity and Teagan spend holidays with them all! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


  1. I love it, Aaron, what a great story, Man what are you guys feeding that boy, he's a chunk wow! But an absolute adorable one ~Shelly

  2. I like your comment about fairness, but so much in life is about balance and not being able to make the world happy all the time. We do the best we can with what is handed to us, big and small!
    Many years ago, I'd had enough with trying to make everyone else happy. I wasn't enjoying my own family because of the pressure to please, so the following year, we went to Hawaii for 2 1/2 weeks! It was an amazing time and place, it brought me peace and is important no matter what the distance, they are always with you in heart....HAPPY NEW YEAR! xo jackie


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