Pic Fix

Want a few pictures to get you by? Me too! I don't think I appreciate how fast Teagan is growing up. For instance, he is already sitting the Bumbo chair, pictured below. I swear he'll be asking for the car keys way before I am ready. Now for the pictures...

To Bumbo, or not to Bumbo? It's not a valid question. OF COURSE YOU BUMBO!

The chair was Trinity's first. It looks as if she remembers it. Weird thing is that she still fits. Looks like a good reading chair to me!

I could try and say something clever or charming. But I don't really have to, do I?

Our little happy boy!

Our little French girl in the beret. It's actually a ski hat that somehow ended up looking like a beret. Fitting since her shirt says something about bonbons. That's all for now, have a good night!


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