Wanna see what she's doing?

So it's been a while since I blogged, since before Halloween. Was it that long? Well, as soon as I can find the camera, you'll see the cutest little ladybug this side of everywhere! In the mean time, let me fill you in on a few details of her amazing recovery.

First of all, she is turning into a little monster! I say that with all the affection I can summon, because I am so happy to have her progressing like a normal little baby. Although...she's not so little any more. If you count the clothes and FULL diaper, she was over 20 lbs last week when we visited the doctor! That's a pretty big baby if you ask me! She is now starting to eat things...wait, she was already doing that. But now, she is starting to leave teeth marks and tear things apart with those little choppers! Also, she is learning about the word "no". She is also learning to express how she feels about that word. Fun. Yeah. Really fun.

But seriously, she is so much fun right now. She is learning to express herself, even if it is in negative ways. I find that her crying doesn't bother me, since I know that she is just telling me that she doesn't like how things are going. So, here she is showing how well she is getting around. And boy, is she ever!

That also happens to be your random cuteness for the day!


  1. Such a blessing to watch Trinity crawling toward you and the camera.....made my eyes leak for joy :) God is so good! Vicki M.


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