Pizza & Portland...

Okay, so "every couple of days" has become "weekly", when it comes to blog updates. I find that the further we get from "the Trinity Incident", the further apart my blog posts become. But the truth is that every single day is fun and new when you have a baby! For instance, one day Autumn and I made home-made pizza for dinner. It's one of our favorite meals to make at home and we get to choose EXACTLY how it is made. Yum! We made a special piece for Trinity with just cheese and sauce (light on the sauce). Here she is waiting anxiously for dinner to arrive. Of course, she is always anxious for dinner to arrive, so this expression isn't really unique to pizza!

Waiting for the pie!

Reaching for pizza! Autumn had cut it up into small pieces. It seemed a little bit like extra work when all she did was shovel it into her mouth by the handful!

We went to Portland for a doctor appointment this last weekend. We left Saturday just to make a whole weekend of it. We stayed with Autumn's aunt and uncle and managed to see my cousin as well. It was a great weekend to see family and take care of some business too!

Aunt Lorraine was Trinity's favorite!

There was a good rain and wind while we were there. I wouldn't want to have to deal with these leaves, but the colors sure are beautiful...just like my girls!

The appointment was at OHSU in Portland. Trinity saw a neuro-ophthalmologist at the Casey Eye Institute. He was happy that she was doing so well. There had been so many improvements since we made the appointment and since the doctor had seen the paperwork on Trinity that he was thrilled to see how well she is doing. Only a little slowness on the left side of her vision to work on as far as we can tell. Of course, more will likely manifest as Trinity gets older, but so far so good! Above is Trinity's first ride on a gondola. Fun!

Chilling with dad while we wait for the eye test. You know, munchin' some cereal...

The test wasn't necessary, but it might have confirmed what the doctors already seem to know; that Trinity's optic nerves are intact. I guess there were other benefits, but I don't remember them all. It's way to late to remember those kind of details. Like the face painting?

After much squirming and yelling, Trinity had a new hat for the occasion. All that remained was to put the eye patch on and go for it. But...not to happen. Trinity HATED the eye patch and threw a fit. Not really like her, so she must have been MAD! We decided to ditch the test, since she was doing so well. There was no need to stress everyone out for unnecessary things.

Finally, out of the hospital, back onto the gondola and on the road! What a view!

The best view of all: Trinity and mom at home, all ready for story time! There's your random cuteness for the day!


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