Sometimes I think I have a big nose. Sometimes pictures back me up. This is one of those times. Autumn looks cute as usual, but me, not so much.

There wasn't a whole lot going on today, though it flew by. Trinity had her second lumbar puncture today so that the doctors could run some more tests. The first results are already in: we now know one more thing that Trinity DOESN'T have. All in all, she's a very healthy baby, except for, well, you know. A good friend of mine told me that not having answers can be a good thing, because some answers are pretty ugly. It's true and I am lucky to have friends like that to give me perspective. Thanks Jon!

We also moved out of the intensive care unit out onto the floor. It is much quieter, I am thinking that it will be much more restful for all of us out here. They only check on us every 4 hours instead of two. Of course, I say "us", but I sleep in a different room. Poor Autumn!

The really good news is that Trinity is starting to track a little with her eyes and she even grabbed her toes once! She also grabbed her bottle while I was feeding her. Hopefully we'll have a video soon. She's started eating regularly, she's taking 4oz at a time no problem. I never really worried about her and eating. She's a natural.

We've had many great visits and today was no exception. I love all the friends and family around. Here are our friends Beth, Spencer amd Payton paying a visit to Trinity. Pretty cute huh?
I can't thank you guys enough for your thoughts, prayers, and visits. I look forward to many more of all of those things: keep them coming! It's almost midnight, so I think I'll go before I turn into a pumpkin. Not that I was ever much of a princess.

On behalf of my two beautiful ladies,



  1. You really don't have a big nose, Aaron! However, NOW would be the time to start tracking that hair line again! :)

    Sounds like a little more progress today. Just a little. I'm sure it's hard to see it when you are there with Trinity constantly. However, from Monday to yesterday (Saturday), I was able to SEE A BIG DIFFERENCE!! I was very encouraged in my soul. It did me well. (I don't think I've ever verbally said that sentence - let alone, type it. I think I like it though.)

    I think your friend, Jon, is a wise person. We humans don't always have to have the answer. I wonder if God's chuckling right now as He sees the cause of it so obviously and our bright minds (that wouldn't be me) keep passing over His obvious.

    My prayer: "God, help us accept the unknowns in our lives and others. Continue to heal Trinity and bring her back to her fullest. Give insight to the doctors so they may assist Trinity in a quicker recovery. And please, God, give Trinity the health that wipes any traces from this past week from her future. Continue to give strength to Autumn and Aaron so they rest in your knowledge and grace. Bring them home soon and may we ALWAYS give the glory only to You. Amen."



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