How I spent my summer vacation

Good morning,

As some of you know, I am on vacation this week. Several months ago, I decided to take a week off of work and planned a 'staycation'. I thought I would get a few projects done around the house that I never got around to doing when we moved last summer and also spend a little quality time with Trinity. This past week certainly isn't what I had in mind but I'm sure it will remain my most memorable summer vacation for years to come :)

Now, back to Trinity. She is making small improvements with almost each period of wakefulness. Sometimes it's hard to see the changes but I know last night she was better than she was at noon and this morning her eyes are opening a little more than they were when we tucked her in last night. Her left leg has been weaker than her right but that also seems a little better today. We are hopeful that we may be able to feed her today as her suck was still to weak yesterday for the therapist to try. She still hasn't really 'woke up' and that is probably the hardest thing for us right now. It feels like I've been on vacation without our daughter. I miss her wide mouth smile each morning when I would lift her out of the crib and the way she would flap her arms and legs when we'd dance around the living room to our special song. Physically we are together but I miss her.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12.

This is our lesson in hope, patience and faithfulness. Once again, thank you all for your kind words and prayers.

Trinity sleeps much better when she knows that Butkus the bulldog is on guard duty!


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