Drum roll please...

It has been another great day here at St. Lukes! Each time Trinity wakes from a nap it seems she's doing something new. This morning, it was grabbing the bottle with her right hand and by this evening she was holding it with her left hand (the weaker side). She had an amazing physical therapy session and though her noggin resembled a bobble head, she was able to hold it up for about a minute. Often, it seems like we have a newborn all over again but instead of it taking weeks to reach milestones she's reaching them within hours or days. It's actually pretty cool to watch and I find myself anxiously awaiting her next awake time to see what she'll do next!

At home we play a game creatively titled, "Where's Trinity?". The rules are fairly simple and only require Trinity to cover her head with a blanket or other object (and preferably a light one!) and when we say, "Where's Trinity" she pulls the cover off her head. It had been a hit at our house for quite a few months but with all the eating, crawling and climbing she'd been doing lately we hadn't played it in awhile, until today. Somehow the blanket ended up over her head and so I said, "Where's Trinity?" and sure enough she pulled it down. A fluke you say? Well, she did it 3 more times! Typically at home this game is associated with a huge smile and giggles on her part and though the smiles were lacking today she definitely had the game mastered!

One thing that Aaron and I have been praying for is Trinity's smile to return. She's such a joyful baby and her personality just shows through that smile of hers. As Aaron was preparing to return to Baker this evening that prayer was answered. I think Trinity worked extra hard to show us that gummy smile just once before her dad left. He's an amazing father and husband and Trinity and I are two very lucky ladies! And without further adieu, here is that smile...


  1. YEA! TODAY IS GIANT STEPS!! I definitely see the smile! Even a twinkle in the eyes!! Can't wait to see/hear tomorrow's giant leap!!


  2. Wait, that's a cute baby. Wait. Who's daughter is that? Oh yeah, she's my daughter! Ha! Luckiest man on the face of the earth.

  3. Yea!! Next she will sticking out her tongue again.



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