Baby Steps

God is teaching me about patience and the importance of small steps. Today was an interesting day because not much happened medically. There were no tests or results today, so it was a day of waiting. It was also a day of progress. Baby steps. Trinity was able to eat a couple times, one or two ounces of pedialite (sp?) at a time. The second time she had the grape flavor. I love grape flavor!

Also, Trinity is opening her eyes much wider than this morning or even this afternoon. It is very exciting! She still is not tracking with her eyes, but she is moving them back and forth. Also, she is rubbing her eyes, which is something that she does when she is tired. Baby steps. God is good.

Lastly, today I was reminded by a wise woman that it is a difficult thing to visit people that are in the hospital. It is a good reminder because we have been visited by many people since our journey started last Friday. That means that each of those people did a very difficult thing in order to show us their love for us. That is an incredibly wonderful and beautiful thing. It is not something I will forget. When this journey is over, I will remember two things that I learned: 1) my daughter is more precious to me than I can imagine. 2) God truly is love and it is manifest in the people in our lives.
It is late and it has been a long day (week?). Enjoy a couple of pictures.

Aaron, Autumn and Trinity

Mom giving Trinity her second feeding, what a team!

Look at the lengths Autumn will go to in order to talk to her friend Beth!

Not reall sure what this one is. I would say that it is a "come hither" look, but the coffee confuses me. Maybe "come hither for coffee"?

P.S. Before I go I feel it necessary to say that, even though it was a long day, it was a good day. Psalm 118:24 tells us that: This is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Indeed.


  1. I love you Trinity! Make sure you be back to Ms Melody's when we get back. I love you Trinity. Autumn, your videos were a little bit too much funny. Love, PAYTON

  2. I had no idea you were stretched to such lengths! Or that you could even stretch that far!! You made us all laugh with the photo.

    I was SO ENCOURAGED with Trinity drinking from the bottle. I think that's BIGGER than a baby step!! Today.... GIANT STEPS!! I can't wait to hear what God's going to do today!!


  3. So happy to hear that Trinity is doing better. We (surgery staff) are all praying that each day brings new and positive changes in her condition. We love you Autumn and hope that you know how much we care about you and your family. Please know that there have been multiple offers of help amongst the OR staff for doing whatever it is you might need.


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