Binkie is Back!

Trinity has now been off the vent for about 14 hours and she's doing well. For us as parents though, the first few hours were painful to watch. Her oxygen levels remained good but she was having to work to breath and because of the swelling around her vocal cords from the vent tube she made a whistling sound with each breath. She also was experiencing withdrawl symptoms from one of the medications she'd been on while on the vent so she was constantly moving her arms and legs, arching her neck and back and struggled to pull on her nasogastric tube (a tube that goes from her nose to her belly to empty stomach contents or feed her breast milk) and central line. My heart ached each time she tried to cough as it was so weak and hoarse. It has now been almost 8 hours since she has had any medicine to relax her and she is sleeping comfortably, oxygenating well and seems to be doing okay--as long as that binkie stays in!

By the way, if you look at the picture carefully you will see the nasogastric tube is missing. Trinity was finally successful in yanking it out!


  1. PTL, she is doing so much better. She is such a precious angel. We will continue to pray today. She is the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep last nite, and the first thing I thought of when I woke this morning. Thanks for your awesome updates!! Roxy

  2. Gotta love those binkies!! Now even MORE so!! Go Trin!! Great news Autumn and Aaron!!


  3. Such good news today! So happy for you..... hope you'll be coming home soon!


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