On Being a Parent...

I know I don't write enough on this blog. But here's a couple of thoughts for you. One is that parenting changes your life. Ha! I'll be you never heard that before. But the less obvious piece is that it changes it in subtle ways that you don't notice at first. If brings focus in new ways, mainly because it becomes very obvious where you need to focus. On that note, I have found it disturbing how easy it is to just sit and stare at my daughter for extended periods of time. I'm not talking days here or anything, but she doesn't do much and I still like to stare at her. Here, try this video and you'll see what I mean:

Pretty easy to just sit and stare huh? I told you so.

Over Christmas we went to McCall, Idaho. While we were there, we did a little snowshoeing and even went down a zip line. I admire my wife because she doesn't swear very much. Case in point is this video of her trip down the zip line. There's a lot of exclamations, but no swearing. Admirable. Aren't video cameras great?

Of course, I went down the zip line too. I took the video camera. It turned out very bad. Very bad. That's why I am posting it for your viewing pleasure. Don't look too intently, you might get seasick.


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