Joys of parenthood

So I had an interesting thing happen the other day. A friend of ours calls me and says that she is stuck in a meeting and could I pick up her boys, since they go to the same day care provider. So I said sure, since it was not a big deal. I know the boys and they love Trinity. So I go and pick them up and drive them less than a mile home. We then keep ourselves entertained watching Trinity play around and then it is time to feed. So I told them about how a friend of theirs, who is six, fed Trinity while we were at their house and I asked if they wanted to feed her. Payton, the younger boy, says that he'd like to. So we prop up some pillows and away we go! Trinity is the easiest feeder, so it's not a big deal. Spencer took a turn feeding too! While they weren't feeding, they played with Trinity's toys...hmmm. I guess fun doesn't have an age limit! These boys sure enjoy being around Trinity! It's fun to think that she'll have them around to take care of her as she gets older. Enjoy the pictures!

Spencer, 6 years old...

Payton, 5 years old...still easily entertained!

A good feeder!

I wonder if there is an age or weight limit on this thing?

Almost like older brothers...


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