Late Night Rambling

I am sitting here waiting for my daughter to fall asleep, so that when I go to bed and leave the bedroom door open, she won't wake my wife. Autumn needs sleep. I grouse a lot, mostly to myself about how tired I am. But statistics show that Autumn is consistently getting less sleep than me. Maybe I shouldn't take my sleep so seriously. I just wish I functioned at a higher level on 5 hours of sleep. Of course, the great thing about being tired is that when you write late at night (like this blog post) you tend to think that you are more clever and more profound than you really are. I suppose that's okay, it's good for self esteem.

I read a post by a young man today, it was about changing your mind. He asks "Have You Changed Your Mind Recently?" I haven't changed my mind recently. He is speaking in a political context, (and with the inauguration only hours old, who can blame him?) but I think that this line of thinking extends into all facets of life. For me this means letting go of what I think I know, so that I can see if it is truth or just pride and arrogance. I can see the possibility of this in my faith. I can see it in my musical tastes. I can see it in my parenting already, but that's another story. Here's my favorite quote from the blog entry over at

Hail the lifelong Republican who donated and volunteered for past Republican campaigns who voted for Obama. Hail the Obama supporter who voted for "progressive" policies and is now expressing anger at Obama's very-centrist appointments and statements to-date. Hail the person who's willing to base current beliefs off current facts, even at the cost of identity confusion.

I think that each moment brings us an opportunity to both change our mind in light of new information and to act on those new ideas accordingly. Those same moments, if we don't sieze them, reveal our character. Ouch.


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