Not quite as fired up

Boy, Aaron was all fired up! It almost didn't sound like him but I sure appreciate his enthusiasm! So, from Aaron's post you can see that we did indeed listen to the debate. It was actually fun. Since we don't have TV we just tuned into NPR--a little reminiscent of another era with the family gathered around the radio. Okay, we didn't actually sit down in front of the radio--we ate dinner and cleaned the house as we listened. Multitasking you know--very 21st century.

I too thought Biden did an excellent job (of course, maybe I'm a little partial) and I thought Palin skirted many of the questions and simlply answered them the way she wanted to answer them which may or may not have had anything to do with the actual question. The next day I found it interesting that many of the news reports felt she did a good job because she didn't do a bad job. Ah, politics.


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