All Fired Up!

Autumn and I listened to the vice-presidential debate last night. I commented how I thought that Sarah Palin did better than I expected. I expected her to look like a fool because she is not ready for the stage she is on. She sounded like a politician trying to NOT screw up. Didn't work. There were several occasions where she basically avoided a question and talked. I assume that is because she didn't know how to answer because she DOESN'T KNOW ENOUGH to be VP of this great nation. If I had her coaching, I could have debated her. Okay, maybe not. Probably not. But Joe Biden could, and did. This was the first time I had heard him speak at length and I thought he was well spoken and he answered the questions. He also never made false or misleading accusations. He spent more time correcting his opponent than actually making his point. Sorry, but I can not believe how anyone can even think that Palin even competed, much less won. What a joke. It is sad that she represents the GOP. I used to like McCain. Not now. Not ever again. I respect his service to our country. He has served honorably. I now believe that he is on the wrong stage. He is a good senator. Stay there Mr. McCain. You will do more good for the country there than in the White House.


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