A Few Things to Update For Y'all

I feel like I am losing ground on the posts here and it will not get any better now that I am starting the fall term with not one, but two classes. Yikes.

Autumn went to baby shower yesterday afternoon, our second one. This one was given by some of the ladies at church; about 20-25 people came. It was pretty amazing to have all those people, people that we don't know really well, come out and support our daughter. We have been greatly showered with gifts and I am grateful for every single one. The ones that have amazed me are the hand made ones. It is going to sound like favoritism, but it is really not. I just remember the hand made ones more, maybe because they are more rare. I have included a picture of a quilt that was given to us and it is beautiful. I sat on the couch and just looked at it for a few minutes. It is flannel and very pink. It is perfect for a little girl.

While Autumn was at the shower, I was helping some friends assemble a lattice tower for a small wind turbine. Small is relative though, since the tower will be 110ft tall! I included a few pics below:


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