Baby Watch 2008

The time is FLYING by, less than month to go. Today we get to hear the baby's heart beat again. We now are going to weekly doctor's appointments. I know that both of us are a little nervous, simply because it could happen at any time and there is so much that is unknown. We have prepared the best we can, now we just hope that is enough. Should we have read one more book? Maybe, maybe not. No matter how much we read, we'll never be ready. But I am still going to read one more book. Maybe it will have that one thing that will make the reading worthwhile. Meanwhile, our daughter is as big as swiss chard? Weird.


  1. Here's a little tidbit from a brand new more book won't make any difference. You two are going to be great parents and you will be amazed by how much simple instinct can do for you. You'll just...know. You'll know your daughter so well, and you'll have no idea where that is coming from. Or maybe that's the mommy instinct, ha ha. Seriously though. The books are a good resource, but they don't know your daughter like you will.


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