Pregnancy update

So, I'm now into my 34th week of pregnancy and I think I have been very, very lucky. With the exception of my bouts with insomnia, I've felt pretty good this whole pregnancy. I've had so many people tell me stories about morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, fatigue and all the other ills that woman can experience with pregnancy and though I've experirenced short stints with each of these it has not been too bad for me. Each week that goes by that I continue to feel good I count my blessings. I did try running last night with Digby and for the first time I had to hold my belly with both of my hands as I ran about the length of a house. What a sight! Good thing it was dark outside! Maybe it was because we had just eaten dinner but I may have had my last little run until after the baby's born. Up until now I've been able to run/walk with Digby but I don't know now--maybe I'll try one more time before I give up altogether!


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