Some Thoughts on Stuff...

My wife and I have had two yard sales this year. Two yard sales. The second one had more stuff to sell than the first. what does this say about the state of our stuff? It says the obvious: we have too much stuff. How did we get this stuff? We bought it. We went out and decided that these were items that we wanted or needed. I think that we need very little, so I am more inclined to think that these were mostly just things that we wanted. Wanted. Then we got them. We took them. We exchanged some paper promises for them. Now we don't want them, so we got rid of them. The funny thing is that we did not even have to haul most of the stuff away. People came and took some of these things away for us. They even paid us for it. Weird.

I do not pay for cable and I will do my best to never do so. I would watch it too much. I know that I would because I have done it before. I watch too much television when I am given the opportunity. I want to be entertained. I want to enjoy myself without doing anything myself. So I remove the temptation.

What is my point? What am I saying? I am not saying that things and stuff are bad. they can be useful tools to make life better. I am not saying that television is bad. It is a useful tool as well. What I am saying is that if I am not careful, then I can have more stuff than I need and take in more useless information from television than I need and pretty soon I may end up so caught up in what I have and what I am told that I forget to go out and make the effort to really live.

I don't have television and I get rid of stuff regularly. But I still do not go out and live life intentionally. I need to make more of an effort to get out and live. More later...


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