Baby Watch 2008

Well. Here we are about 30 weeks into this pregnancy and we are almost settled in our new house. And then...we decide to have a yard sale. This will be our second one this year. We have even more this time around! Of course, we have gone through much more of our stuff this time around and a ton of little stuff shook out that we do not need. I hope stuff sells well. We also have a football game to go to, the art walk is this MUCH to do...So LITTLE time...

Oh well. All will be well.

Our daughter is about the size of a head of Cabbage (see photo: that's BIG!). Wow can she move now. I guess she is big enough now that she will not kick as much, but like a Muy Thai Kick boxer, she'll be throwing a lot of knees and elbows. Sorry Autumn!


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