We ain't gettin' any younger...

Summer isn't getting any younger either. Football season is upon us and with it, for me at least, comes the urge to sit on the couch for hours and watch others fight fierce battles. But I was reminded that these nice days won't last much longer, so we get to the back yard as much as we can!

Teagan has a fondness for baby Emerson. Yes, her name is Emerson, but our kids refer to her as Baby Emerson. I am sure that they'll grow out of it. Hopefully before she does.Either way, Teagan likes kissing on the girls...

It turns out that mom didn't like Teagan kissing on her younger daughter...is that judo? Jen's kind of a bad@$$.

Okay, unrelated yard pic here. Teagan spraying, Trinity fleeing for her life...but why is Ava taking off her shorts? Ah the unbridled life of a three year old!

Child labor laws don't apply to family, so we work 'em hard here, no matter how young they are. Okay, just kidding. But seriously, Teagan's got a thing for tools.

Trinity has a thing for...whatever Trinity feels like. Sometimes that means standing in dirt to play in other dirt.

Like I said, he like tools. Too bad it won't last.

Sibling love...too bad that won't last either...ha! Just kidding. These two have much fun together and I don't see it stopping any time soon. Who doesn't love popsicles?

Case in point...cheese!

This is what happens when we try a child sitting on a child sitting on mom's lap...mayhem. But it has its own charm.

Airborne. His flights are almost as good as his landings...

...need I say more? Yes, this is an action shot of one of Teagan's five-point landings.

Mommy and (not so) baby boy

Daddy and daddy's (not so) little girl

Proof that we had a good day!

More mayhem. I mean, how hard is it to smile?

I know that I am dangerously close to the cuteness wearing thin here. But he's two and wants nothing more than to share a book with her. She doesn't even care, but he doesn't care that she doesn't care. He  still wants to read to her. Sweet boy, sometimes.


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