Back Again

Note from Aaron: I actually posted this last night when we were in Boise, then pulled it because the pictures didn't turn out. Stupid iPad. These pictures were on my phone for some reason. Weirdly enough, I didn't have this phone when these pictures were taken. Who knows how the pictures got there. But the neurologist was amazed at Trinity in person, given what her MRI shows in regards to her brain injury. Like I mention below, our little miracle girl. The ophthalmologist  found some left side peripheral vision loss, but her young age means that it will affect her less than it would someone older. The ophthalmologist was also amazed, saying that she remembers Trinity the first time she saw her. That was over three years ago. Now, on with the show.

So here we are in Boise again. Yeah, we come here on a regular basis, but not to the hospital. It has been over three years since Trinity was injured and the memories emotions fade a little more each time we visit one of the specialists over here. Autumn and I don't really like coming over here because it's a little bit of a downer. We don't like to talk about our visits much because it hurts to think about what Trinity has been through, what we have been through. But there are bright spots:

Ronald has been with us through much of this. We stay at the Ronald McDonald House when we come for follow up appoints. I can never say enough about the place. But sometimes I hate that I can stay here, because something bad had to happen first. But there's no changing that, so this place is a real blessing.

I am pretty sure this was after she had been taken off the ventilator. She was so small!
It is hard to tell, but she could not see when this picture was taken, and wouldn't see again for about six weeks.

Why am writing all of this? I am not really sure why. It is a little cathartic, a little healing. It also is a way to express my hurt and pain that came from watching my little girl go through all of this. It's not over either. But the one thing I know is that Trinity is here for a reason. There were several times that she could have easily died, but someone was at the right place at the right time. She's our miracle.

This is another miracle in my life, that I found Autumn. She is my rock. I could not do any of this crazy life without you. I love you!


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