Two Late?

Bad daddy, that's what Trinity would call me if she kept track of the blog. It's been three weeks and I am only now blogging about Teagan's birthday. The secret of course is that it was at his request. One look at the picture below and you will know why he would have wanted this post delayed...

Thanks mom, thanks a lot! Actually, he didn't mid so much. Mainly because he's two years old.

This was the first of many jumps. Now we have a crash pad, you know, for liability.

Different technique, same trajectory!

Wonderful birthday cake made by Jamma (Kathi). Awesome dump truck!

Every two year old needs a remote controlled garbage truck, right?

Humphrey the hippo, promising years of soft landings!

Let's see, how does this work?


This cake doesn't just look good...

It tastes good too!

After all the presents, the jumping and the cake, it was time to ride off into the sunset...on a hippo. Good night!


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