First Time Out...This Year

So, the first camping trip so far (maybe the last too, this summer has been super crazy) and we had a great time with the kids. Teagan's first time camping where he can get around on two feet! It was a kick roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire and just generally kicking back with Autumn and the kids.

First dogs on a stick!

Getting the hang of it!

One of the rules of camping is that it is dirty. Really dirty. I always assume that something is wrong if you have clean clothes...ever. I gave up packing extra clothes in the summer because lets face it, after the first day it really doesn't matter. We all smell the same anyway, courtesy of the camp fire!

Did I mention that camping is dirty?

I happened to have a pair of gloves when we started out on this trip. Now Teagan has a pair of gloves. The joke is really on Kal because they're actually HIS gloves. So it goes. I was using them for the firewood, but Teagan had better uses for them, like eating Doritos. Who knew that he'd be teaching me life lessons so early?

Bedtime comes early for the little ones, but marshmallows are important. Teagan was fast asleep...maybe, but Trinity learned what a s'more is. A treat worth staying up for!

Camp hosts. Greeters? I guess we're setting our children up for the future. They can have careers at campgrounds and Walmart. Could be worse, right? It pays to have skills. For instance: now that I live in Oregon a state where I can't pump my own gas, my ~15 years of gas-pumping experience may come in handy if the job market goes sour. Ha!


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