I sat down to write this today, pretty sure that this would be a short post. It may very well not have a ton of words, but there ended up being wayyy too many pictures! I suppose that's how things go, especially with the abundance of choices I had in the picture folder. Every so often we dump the photos from the camera to the computer and they get stowed away in their very own folder until I organize them. I even have a system. No, I am not going to elaborate, that would be boring. Very. Boring.

Autumn mentioned the other day...wait, that was just this evening, that we haven't taken too many pictures lately. Wait, she actually said that she hadn't taken too many pictures lately. I haven't either. Both statements are true. But there was a folder that has pictures taken in February (you can start to see my organization method, if you think about it a little) that had not been dealt with. And by dealt with, I mean I had not either a) blogged about them or b) put them where pictures taken in February go. Which brings us here, to this post.

There were some fun photos from February that just need to be posted. I'll use my usual bubbling brook of consciousness style to narrate and translate the photos for you, as usual. Ready? Here we go!

Valentine's Day, 2012. If you look closely (or click on the picture and look closely, which I recommend more than just looking closely) you can see two things. The first is that I shaped the coffee cake (Autumn LOVES coffee cake) into a heart. Because I heart Autumn. It can be hard to see the heart shape because the mold, which was made of several layers of folded foil, allowed some seepage. While it was disappointing for me to lose the distinct heart shape that I was hoping for, I realized that Autumn LOVES crispy edges every bit as much as she LOVES coffee cake. So there you go. The second thing you see is three short poems, but those are not nearly so interesting as the cake...onward!

Trinity likes reading her valentine's card from Oma. Nice job Oma!

This is Teagan at 18 months. It's hard to keep the boy still, even with bunjee cords.

This is the one I wanted to post...

But then realized that the original one was better, you know, for the grandparents.

Valentine's Day outfits. It's a must to capture cuteness, but two at the same time?


Opa came through. This is when he was driving up to Seattle after his mom, my Oma, died. Three year olds make life less sad I think.

What is it with my kids and shoes?

Proof that they do stop moving once in a while. It's hard to believe without seeing.

In the background the neighbor boys are shooting baskets. Trinity loves to watch them do that.


Obsessed. Unhealthy even.

Sometimes, when there is stillness in my little mind, I remember what a lucky man I am. My family makes me feel like a million buck! Now if only the bank agreed...

I don't know what the event was, although there's a good chance this was before church on Sunday. Cute, huh?

Last picture of the day, er, night, er, post. I bought new sticks for playing drums. the kids love using them, so I thought that I would give them something appropriate to hit. Appropriate means not me. Have a good night!


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