Well, what should I call THIS post?

In a quest to post good updates, I have been trying to write a little more. I don't know if that has helped, but it takes a little more time and thought. Sometimes I substitute substance with a ton of pictures instead because I tend to write these posts late in the evening. This evening, Autumn mentioned that maybe I could blog a little earlier so that I wouldn't be as tired. Whoops, it's 10pm. It really was a great suggestion. So, I think that I will dump a ton of pictures in and see if I can get this done quickly....

What Teagan wanted to use...

What he should be using...ha! Okay, maybe something not quite so sharp. By the way, the "u" key wasn't working for a minute there, I think some dust from the Cheerios I am snacking on must have blocked it. I didn't realize how often I use that key.

Flossing already? They sure love to do what we do...

Yeah, they both do...

Here's the thinking man, always making sure to read the directions. He's my son, so he'll get over that before too long!

I am pretty sure he can do more pull-ups than me

Her too!

This would be the first in a series of pictures in which I try to get a decent shot of Autumn with one or both of the kids...this one is grainy and Trinity isn't looking at the camera...

Who thought the book was a good idea?

Why yes, our camera does have a zoom. I just didn't use it.

Upstaged by a potato, a plastic potato.

Then Autumn grabs the camera...

...and manages a good shot on the first try! Ain't that a bugger!

In the future, I just don't think that he will be this excited to brush his hair.

But he sure is going to try!

I has to be good cereal if you need a spoon and a fork!

And, after all this, you should brush twice a day. Or was it three times?


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