Before and After

We start our story on a typical Spring weekend in late March...

Trinity has just returned from Kate's house after baking some delicious cookies, which she intends to share with her entire family.

But alas, she only gives cookies to her brother...

...and herself!
(Just kidding, she gave some to her parents too. Go with it, it makes a better story!)

Meanwhile, her dad just looks goofy. How do these pictures keep getting posted?

Then it was off to the park, where there were lots and lots of families that were taking advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon...

Teagan wanted to go on the big twirly slide...

...with a little help from dad of course!

Trinity was on the slide, on the swings, even on the teeter-totter!

Someone has an unfair advantage here!

The next morning was a typical day of goofing around. But this was no ordinary day because Oma and Opa were coming to visit!

One size fits most?

Trinity was riding her push bike while Teagan ran alongside. He makes his own sound effects. "Fass!" he cries, as he charges down the sidewalk!

Mom and dad watch on as the kids roam about, playing as kids do in the warm sunshine.

Then Oma and Opa come along, and there's more fun and games. But wait, we forgot something. Oh yeah, we forgot...


The story goes that we have never worried about Teagan falling the way we worry about Trinity falling. Since they could crawl, that has been the case. Trinity crawled quite a bit earlier than Teagan, but she also crashed a little more. Teagan has always been pretty steady so we don't worry too much. I guess that's how this kind of thing happens. It turns out that he doesn't crash often, but when he does, it's a doozy! Trinity has never had anything like this!

Short story is that he was going down the front steps and fell face first onto the sidewalk. Ouch!

Fortunately, it didn't really hamper his enjoyment of the rest of the afternoon. He and Trinity lured my dad into the plastic playhouse and tortured him until he begged for mercy.

Like I said, they were miserable, not having any fun!

But meanwhile...

Did I say ouch?


The scrapes have healed up nicely, but they look pretty dramatic, especially the one on his nose. Poor kid really kissed the pavement. It hurts me a little every time I look at it. The nice thing is that it doesn't really seem to bother him at all. I was holding him before bed and he engaged me in a game of head butting. Must look worse than it is!

And the moral of the story? Ha! You don't think I'd try and act like I know anything, do you? But I sure am enjoying the ride!


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